Sometimes, ranting about tracers or artists who have no sense of anatomy isn't enough.

Sometimes I just want to post silly stuff on the interwebs.

I post all kinds of things that I find weird and funny. You have been warned. Sorta.


Today’s Comic Stash

Everything here cost fifty cents a pop.

SO MUCH EXTREME. Black & White issues 1 to 3, Brigade, Prophet Annual (I’m curious about this one because of the new series coming out), plus Cyber Force v2 #0 and #1. They had #2 too, but it was part of a crossover, and those other issues were missing.

What if The Avengers had fought Galactus is neat. I got those two Secret Defenders books because of the villains (one is named Dredlox. They even ask that on the first page of the book!) Sensational vs Savage She-Hulk is a fill-in issue from the Byrne era. That Doctor Strange annual looked silly. Guardians of the Galaxy has z0mg FUTURE GHOST RIDER, and I got that issue of Kazar for the stuff below:

Yeah, apparently it has some sort of comic on CD. It was never opened. I can’t wait to see what’s in it.

Also, this stuff.

Did you know that DC had its own version of Judge Dredd? It’s certainly… different. I have no idea what’s up with the middle comic, and the last one. That last one, oh boy. Space Beaver. It’s just as silly as you think it is.

I need a better scanner. I MUST talk about these.